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The current environment of negative rates is breaking with what we knew until then and may last. Facing this environment, several measures are to be taken.

- In the first place, the General Account inflow is braked since the beginning of the year - in the continuity of what has been engaged since 2017. This managed to be done while maintaining a leading position in the French market and a high level of Unit Linked inflows.

- On the other hand, the balance sheet has been protected though a yield hedging program already in place for several years, completed by equity hedges since September. This aims to guard against a falling equity markets risk.


In this environment, AG2R LA MONDIALE maintains a high level of profitability with a half-year result up 13% to €237m without taking more risk in the assets allocation.


Standard & Poor's (S&P) has confirmed on September 26, 2019  « A- » rating with a positive outlook for SGAM AG2R LA MONDIALE and its core entities, La Mondiale, AG2R Réunica Prévoyance, Prima and Arial CNP Assurances


A balanced business development as of 12/31/2018
(premium, Sgam, IFRS, in €bn)



Investment development affected by the financial market as of 12/31/2018



Controlled decrease of General Account exposure and focus on Unit Linked exposure as of 06/30/2019





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