The Group has strong own funds of almost € 12 billion to support its activities in the service of its policyholders. Those own funds are compounded of quality elements, almost all of Tier 1, and cover twice the regulatory requirement with a ratio S2 of 218% at the end of 2018.

Financial solidity of SGAM AG2R LA MONDIALE

  • results from the strength of each of its affiliates, reinforced by the links of financial solidarity and the diversification of risks between them;
  • is confirmed by Standards and Poor's who improves AG2R LA MONDIALE's rating to A- outlook positive; and
  • gives the ability to provide the security expected by its policyholders and partners, to access debt markets, and to develop mutual certificates, thus strengthening the link between the Group and its policyholders.


The Solvency 2 ratio of SGAM AG2R LA MONDIALE as of December 31, 2018 is 218%. 


The Group's regulatory coverage ratio is strong. It also includes transitional measures provided for by the new prudential regime, applicable until 2032. Excluding these measures, the ratio stands at 148%.


Performance in line with our financial strategy



Eligible own funds of € 11.7 billion and almost all of very good quality (Tier 1)


Solvency Capital Requirement, or SCR, at € 5.3 billion

The SCR is composed for 67% of the SCR market, directly related to the weight of savings and retirement activities and the risk profile of Sgam. The various management actions such as the control of the collect in euros, the underwriting policy on all the Group's businesses (Savings, Retirement, Pension, Health) and the adjustment of the profit-sharing policy to the low interest rate environment are used to master the level of SCR.





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